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Hi, I’m Celeste, and I’m a GIF

May 16, 2013

The impromptu blog hiatus that turned out to last all of April is over! I’m back with a moment of zen from my work life.

One of the best parts of my job–marketing books to readers–is that I get to spend a lot of time convincing people that our books are awesome. On the best days, this feels just like being a fan. I think we’ve all had the experience of being an evangelist for a certain series or author, to the extent that we’re willing to go beyond “I loved [Awesome Book/TV show/movie]!” and explain ourselves to the unconverted. We pitch series to our friends in much the same way my publicist colleagues might pitch books to media: “It’s like Awesome Property You’ve Heard Of meets Other Bestselling Series, only better/more awesome/more original.” Once we’ve done this for the twelfth time to the twelfth friend or relative, we’ve got it condensed to a few favorite sound bites that we know are effective.

That sort of thinking is essential in the business of selling books in a crowded marketplace. But sometimes, fandom invades work in an entirely different way–a way that’s simply about creating something cool to share your love with other fans.

That’s how my team at HarperTeen ended up filming a comedic tribute to one of our bestselling series, Kiera Cass’s The Selection… with Barbies. And how I ended up playing the voice of drama queen Celeste, whose introduction of “Hi, I’m Celeste. I’m a bitch,” seems to have become a hit–and whose lines have now been turned into sets of GIFs by the ever creative (and fast-working!) fans on Tumblr:

Celeste_1 GIF2 GIF3 GIF4

Yep; I got to participate in a Barbie slap montage. It was transcendent.

If you also happen to be a fan of the Selection series (which is a lightly dystopian YA romance full of fun and heart and waffling between cute boys and a wee bit of angst, if you’re into that sort of thing), check out the full video and the accompanying fan contest on our Epic Reads blog. You won’t regret it.

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