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Link o’ Last Week: Monsters University

October 16, 2012

This Link o’ Last Week comes to you from the wonderful world of Disney/Pixar. I absolutely adore Monsters, Inc. Who doesn’t? (If the answer is you, don’t answer that.) And while Disney’s insistence on sequels is often ill-advised, I’m not going to complain about the upcoming Monsters, Inc. prequel that follows Mike and Sulley’s college days.

The other thing is, I love real websites inspired by fake/magical colleges, which is exactly what Disney/Pixar have created for Monsters University.

This is the most fully developed site of its kind that I’ve seen yet, which might be expected from a Pixar franchise. With pages for everything from Admission to Campus Life and different portals for students, staff, and parents, it serves as a fun piece of early marketing for the film and a gentle parody of actual college websites. Come to think of it, actually, Pixar’s made-up college website is an improvement on most real ones… information is easy to find. (Zing!)

Check out the site and all of its adorable copy here.

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