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Win a Trip to BEA!

March 29, 2012
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ImageA bit of fun news today for book bloggers: Goodreads and the AAP have teamed up to offer a contest that will send 4 bloggers who write primarily about books and/or the book business to NYC for this year’s Book Expo America! You can enter in one of various categories (which include separate divisions for fantasy, paranormal, and sci-fi). Entries include a list of sample articles and a bite-sized summary of your blog; Goodreads visitors can then vote for their favorites.

For more info, or to enter the contest, check out the Independent Book Blogger Awards page on Goodreads! Voting opens April 10th, so you can also check back in a couple of weeks and give your favorite bloggers a boost.

Even if you’re not interested in entering, this looks like it’ll be a good forum for discovering new blogs to read! I’m impressed with the genre breakdown in particular–it looks like Goodreads knows their bloggin’ audience well.

I’d love to see one of you in NYC this June, so turn on your contest mojo!

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