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SF&F Award Nominations

February 8, 2012

Hi all! Quick post today to let you know about something cool John Scalzi is doing over on his blog–namely, providing a forum for SF&F fans, including some of his fellow writers, to sound off with recommendations for Hugo and Nebula nominations.

The average reader isn’t a member of SFWA/eligible to make nominations of their own, but making a comment on Scalzi’s dedicated post might be a good way to bring your picks to the attention of people who are. It’s also chock-full of sparkling suggestions for 2011 reading you may have missed, as well as for timely SF&F-themed television shows.

(Sidenote: everyone go to Hulu and watch Misfits! It’s British–so British that a couple of the accents border on unintelligible! It’s science fictional–weird lightning-storm induced superpowers that have yet to be explained in the episodes I’ve watched so far! And it’s hilarious while also thoughtful, which quality has become my yardstick for SFnal TV since I first met the BBC.)

Go watch it.

Nominations for the Nebulas (Nebulae? I’ve always wondered) end February 15, and the Hugo window closes March 11. Fun fact: you can make Hugo nominations if you attended the 2011 World Science Fiction Convention, or if before January 31st you were already registered to attend in 2012 or 2013. Get to it!

This has been your weekly Interwebsian PSA. You’re welcome.

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