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HP Web Roundup

July 14, 2011

A chapter in the pop-culture lives of my generation closes for the last time tonight, as I and a bunch of my fellow young night-owls head out to the midnight premiere of the eighth and final Harry Potter film.  So instead of moping (not that I find the movies worth moping over on their own, but that’s a whole ‘nother thing), I thought I’d share a quick list of some of my favorite HP-related stuff on the web.

1. Potter Puppet Pals

Specifically “The Mysterious Ticking Noise,” which is what introduced me to these quirky hand puppets and their adventures.  Always worth re-watching, in my opinion–and if I owned the souls of an a capella group, you can bet I’d be bullying them into doing an arrangement and spontaneously performing it in random places.  Obviously.

2.  Facebook Comedy

I tend to love Facebook humor whenever it crops up, and when it’s historical, Star Wars-themed, or anything in between.  This one from Failbook combines my love of HP with my love of Starbucks.  Be afraid.  Be very afraid.

3. A Very Potter Musical

Every so often, fans manage to come up with something truly awesome in collaboration with each other that none of us could’ve managed alone.  This fan-made musical is one of those things–and it features a not-yet-famous Darren Criss as Harry, which should make you run, not walk, to YouTube to watch the rest of it.  AVPM combines an obvious love of the series with all the best kinds of fan-made camp, and while it’s clearly an amateur effort, it is generally awesome.

4. The HP Lexicon

Prepare to be the arbiter of all your friends’ ridiculously obscure trivia questions and book-canon quibbles with this fan-run encyclopedia.  Complete with page numbers for reference.  Obsessive?  Maybe.  Oddly convenient in the right situation?  You bet.

5. Parodies that Make Fun of Hufflepuff

In honor of my adopted Hogwarts house for the night (Slytherin–how else am I going to justify making all my favorite sarcastic comments about the movie?), I’m willing to hop on board with this video parody from Second City that asks one of life’s all-important questions: what’s a Hufflepuff good for, anyway?  (Cheers to Mary for pointing this one out to me last night.)

That should do it for now!  If I missed your absolute favorite HP link/video/what-have-you, let me know in the comments.

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